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Day 2 schedule



CHAIR: Dr. Osaretin G. Okungbowa


Dr. Hafees Tosin Sulyman (Assessing the effectiveness of affirmative action policies in promoting girls’ education in Kwara State: A detail account of girl child education in vulnerable communities in Ilorin metropolis)
DISCUSSANT: Sunday Moses Adebayo Aloko

Bolaji O. Akanni (Ecofeminism, girl child, and educational policy in Nigeria: The Chibok girls’ experience)
DISCUSSANT: Adesote Samson Adesola

Maryam Bayero-Jimoh (Educational displacements rights of persons with disability in Nigeria: A need for representation of physically challenged in politics and governance)

Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

CHAIR: Nanven Haruna Mamdam


Sunny Nwakanma (Illegal oil bunkering activities: Implications on women in technology education in South-South Zone of Nigeria)
DISCUSSANT: Peter Memga Kertyo

Benedicta Omeghie Isunueo (Enrolment and completion rate amongst females in STEM post graduate programmes in universities in Southwestern, Nigeria) DISCUSSANT: Olamide T. Ojogbede

International Gender Protocols and Legislation in Nigeria

CHAIR: Muhammad Auwal Sulaiman


Olubukola S. Adesina (Article 9 Of The Maputo Protocol and the advancement of political rights for women in Nigeria) DISCUSSANT: Rauf Tunde Sakariyau

James Okolie-Osemene (Women and the leadership of political parties in Nigeria: Interrogating the missing link with UNSC Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security)
DISCUSSANT: Isa Olawale Solahudeen

Bibonga Jennifer Joel (International gender protocols and legislations in Nigeria: An overview)

Ehimwenma Sheena Omoregie and Osarhieme Tinuade Okugbo
(Mainstreaming women scientists in the growth and sustenance of the blue- green economy of Nigeria)
DISCUSSANT: Dr. Azizat Omotoyosi Amoloye-Adebayo


Conflict and Insecurity, Peace-Building, and Gender Dimension

CHAIR: Dr. Iyabo Olanrele


Grace James Udoyen (Masculinities and women participation in peace building and security processes: Exploring the experiences of women activists in peace and security in the Niger Delta, Nigeria)
DISCUSSANT: Professor Lateef F. Oladimeji

Abosede Omowumi Babatunde (Petro-politics and gendered violence: Women’s socio-political deprivation and the challenge of peace building in extractive communities in Nigeria’s oil region)
DISCUSSANT: Paul-Sewa Thovoethin

Abah, Joel (Conflict-induced displacement and women political representation in Benue State, Nigeria)
DISCUSSANT: Diana Mary T. Nsan

Inclusiveness of Women with Disabilities in Politics and Governance I

CHAIR: Prof. Abiodun Amuda-Kannike, SAN


Ejiro Aidegbomo Odeka (Inclusiveness of women with disabilities in politics and governance – A “Sickel” solution)
DISCUSSANT: Neville Onebamhoi Obakhedo

Opeyemi Idowu Aluko (Women living with disabilities and political inclusion in Nigeria: The extent and dimensions)
DISCUSSANT: Isioma Emily Osakuni

Ngozi Edith Iyoho (Social exclusion of women with disabilities: Implication for policy options)
DISCUSSANT: Ibijoke Faborode

Cross country perspectives on women representation

CHAIR: Sakah Saidu Mahmud


Yunus Adelodun (Breaking barriers: A cross-country perspective on women’s representation in governance in Nigeria and the United Kingdom)
DISCUSSANT: Chidinma Charity Ezenwajiobi

Adeyanju, Faith Omolola (Women’s rights during humanitarian emergencies: Nigeria in retrospect)
DISCUSSANT: Barakat Adebisi Raji

Dr. Ganiat Olatokun (Making a case for the recognition of Liberal Feminists’ Theory in the Nigerian Constitution: Taking a clue from the Rwandan Constitution)
DISCUSSANT: Abdulkadir Salaudeen

Isiaq Abdullateef Ishowo (Women Participation in Politics: A Comparative Study of Nigeria And Rwanda)
DISCUSSANT: Dr. Bethel Uzoma Ihugba



Climate change, and women's participation and representation in governance

CHAIR: Mary Oluwagbemisola Adetula


Saheed Olanrewaju Issa (Women in top echelon positions and their effects on carbon emission disclosure)
DISCUSSANT: Iyabo Olanrele

Olanrewaju, John, S. (Gender equality in the era of climate change: An assessment of National Action Plan on SDGs 5 &13 and its Impact on women participation in Nigeria’s governance)
DISCUSSANT: God’stime Osariyekemwen Igiebor

Osinachi N. Onu (Women representation and participation in climate change governance in Nigeria: A need for a paradigm shift)
DISCUSSANT: Ngozi Edith Iyoho

Women Perception of Political Participation and Governance

CHAIR: Idrees Mahmud Gana


Dr. Adebusola Okedele (Women’s perceptions of the political candidacy of females in Nigeria)
DISCUSSANT: Dr. Hafees Tosin Sulyman

Ajibola Adigun (Conceptualizing women for men (W4M) in political participation in Nigeria)
DISCUSSANT: Bolaji O. Akanni

Patience Mamie Kolade (Inclusivity matter: Fostering women’s representation and visibility in Nigeria’s political party system)
DISCUSSANT: Maryam Bayero-Jimoh

Gender Policy, Affirmative Action and the Role of Civil Society Organisations

CHAIR: Olubukola S. Adesina


Nkiruka Cynthia Uzodi (CSOs, legislation and expansion of women’s political participation:
A study of the Special Seats Bill 2021)
DISCUSSANT: Sunny Nwakanma

Abdulkadir Salaudeen (Affirmative Action Policy and the Challenge of Female Cabinet Membership in Nigeria: An Analysis from 2019-2023)
DISCUSSANT: Benedicta Omeghie Isunueo

Ibijoke Faborode (Civil Society Organisations and agenda setting for gender representation in the Fourth Republic)
DISCUSSANT: Prof. Moses T. Aluaigba


Access to technology and women participation in politics

CHAIR: James Okolie-Osemene


Aondover Eric Msughter (Social media and political participation of women in the 2023 general elections in Lagos State, Nigeria)
DISCUSSANT: Bibonga Jennifer Joel

Jendele Hungbo (Social media adoption rate and female user agency as determinants of women visibility in Nigerian public affairs)
DISCUSSANT: Grace James Udoyen

Women participation in politics I

CHAIR: Dr. Bethel Uzoma Ihugba


Rosemary E. Akpan (Women as the invisible hands that swings the pendulum of the political clock in Nigeria)
DISCUSSANT: Adeyanju, Faith Omolola

Afeaye A. Igbafe (Women in politics and governance in Nigeria: The endangered species)
DISCUSSANT: Ejiro Aidegbomo Odeka

Olarinmoye Adeyinka W. (Roles of women in grassroots politics in some selected localities in Lagos State)

Abdullahi Saliu Ishola, PhD (Legislative approach to secured representation quotas for women in governance: Is the Political Offices (Gender Composition) Law 2021 in Kwara State a good model?)
DISCUSSANT: Abosede Omowumi Babatunde

Women participation in politics II

CHAIR: Ngozi Edith Iyoho


Iyanuoluwa Adetayo Aluko (Why few women participate in politics and governance in Nigeria: A social background theory analysis)
DISCUSSANT: Opeyemi Idowu Aluko

Salau, Jamiu Adewale (Women and political participation in Nigeria: A critical assessment and the way forward)
DISCUSSANT: Yunus Adelodun

Osaretin G. Okungbowa & Timothy O. Ogbebor (Barriers to women’s representation in governance: Evidence from thematic analysis of parliamentary debates in Nigeria)
DISCUSSANT: Dr. Ganiat Olatokun

lunch break! 1:30-2:30PM


Women and the Political Party System in Nigeria II

CHAIR: Maryam Bayero-Jimoh


Adetula, Mary Oluwagbemisola (There is more to it than meets the eye: Women party leaders and the challenges of political inclusion in party and electoral politics in Osun State, Nigeria)
DISCUSSANT: Olubukola S. Adesina

Musa Lumi (Political parties and women participation in politics: A study of Bauchi State) DISCUSSANT: Muhammad Auwal Sulaiman

Natasha Aduloju-Ajijola, Azeezat Yishawu, Halimah Tauheed, Adeola Ayinla, Christina O. Akintoye and Israel F. Opeyemi (The Importance of Women in Governance in Nigeria: Examining the Role of Political Party Culture and Economic Power)
DISCUSSANT: Rosemary E. Akpan

Women, Elections, and the Electoral System in Nigeria II

CHAIR: Aondover Eric Msughter


Idrees Mahmud Gana (Women’s participation in the electoral activities in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic: What it means for democratic consolidation)
DISCUSSANT: Dr. Adebusola Okedele

Prof. Moses T. Aluaigba (The 2023 General Elections and politics of exclusion: The imperatives of gender mainstreaming in Nigeria)
DISCUSSANT: Osaretin G. Okungbowa

Sakah Saidu Mahmud (The political economy of women representation in governance in Nigeria)
DISCUSSANT: Ihuoma, Chinonso

Inclusiveness of Women with Disabilities in Politics and Governance II

CHAIR: Jendele Hungbo


God’stime Osariyekemwen Igiebor (Political party participation and the question of Women And Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) alienation in Nigeria: Implication for the democratic process)
DISCUSSANT: Prof. Abiodun Amuda-Kannike, SAN

Chidinma Charity Ezenwajiobi (Inclusion and women participation in socio-political activities in Nigeria: Making a case for women with disabilities)
DISCUSSANT: Nanven Haruna Mamdam

Isioma Emily Osakuni (Inclusiveness of women with disabilities in politics and governance)
DISCUSSANT: James Okolie-Osemene

Joint Technical/Interactive Session on Gender Responsive Budgeting

BY: Prof. Olalekan Yinusa


5:15pm – 5:25pm

Closing Remarks

Prof. Abubakar O. Sulaiman, DG NILDS

5:25pm -5:35pm

Reading and Adoption of Communique

Rapporteur Team

5:35pm – 5:45pm

Award of Certificates

Prof. Abubakar O. Sulaiman, DG NILDS

5:45pm – 6:00pm

Vote of Thanks

Dr. Emily Ikhide, Chairperson, LOC

6:00pm – 6:10pm

Group Photographs

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